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New Colour Palette - Bold Cerise, Cobalt & Ochre

New Colour Palette - Bold Cerise, Cobalt & Ochre

I recently launched a collection of new colour ways which run through a selection of my current vessels and homeware designs. 

I started researching for the new colour palettes at the start of this year, looking back on places I had traveled to in the past, revisiting the photographs I had taken, finding new inspiration. Each colour palette is inspired by a specific place, giving each its own personality and narrative. I am dedicating a blog post to each palette to tell those stories and to give some insight into my design process.

Introducing 'Bold Cerise, Cobalt & Ochre' - the brightest and loudest of the new colour ways. Blushing cerise is complimented with warm ochre and both are contrasted with the strong cobalt blue and softening mint. This is the second palette in the range inspired by the vivid, colourful houses on the island of Burano in Northern Italy. Burano is the most colourful place I have ever visited, it could inspire endless palettes. 

As always, all of the pieces I have created in this range were hand cast and carefully finished in my studio in Edinburgh. They are produced in small batches although they share the same colours, every piece is unique in surface pattern and textures. 

All styling and photography by me. Cobalt carafe and low pourer by ceramicist Natalie Wood.