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New Colour Palette - Lilac, Zesty Orange & Pastel Lime

New Colour Palette - Lilac, Zesty Orange & Pastel Lime

I love to take myself out of the studio and go on adventures to soak up inspiration for colours, texture and forms. With no opportunity to travel at the moment, I decided to reflect on places I have been in the past years, looking through photographs and finding new inspiration in them.

Introducing the first of five colour palettes I’ve created through this recollection – 'Lilac, Zesty Orange & Pastel Lime'. Inspired by a photograph taken in 2018 on the very colourful island of Burano in Northern Italy. I love the striking contrast of the lilac walls and orange portière.

The palette runs through a collection of selected concrete vessels and home wares. Each piece has been carefully hand cast and finished in my Edinburgh based studio. The material process results in each being completely unique in surface pattern and texture so no two pieces are ever the same. I aim to celebrate these unexpected and imperfect element and invoke curiosity! 

Styling and photography by me with flowers from Fruit Salad Flowers and jewellery from Billie Grand.