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New Product - Drawer Pulls

New Product - Drawer Pulls

I have created this blog post to celebrate the launch of a new product - colourful concrete drawer pulls. I thought I would share the inspiration behind the product and some of behind the scenes images of the journey from idea to final product!
For a while now I have been thinking of creating some drawers pulls/knobs, it has always been on the back burner and what actually prompted me to make them was finding the brass coloured nuts and barrel bolts in a local 'everything and anything' sort of shop. Believe it or not it's very difficult to find nuts and bolts which aren't silver metal. So I bought them and decided it was time to get making! 

For the shape, I had already bought these simple shaped blocks in a charity shop! I wasn't sure what I was going to use them for at the time but I knew they would be perfect for something.

Next I had to create the silicone moulds, put together the palettes and get started on making a batch of each before launching the product. 

I'm so happy with the results of the final product - they are the perfect home accessory to add a pop of colour and fun to any room. You could keep it simple and keep to the same style or mix and match styles to make a real statement! You can shop them here.