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Stack Play Assemble - New Candle Holder Collection

Stack Play Assemble - New Candle Holder Collection

I am so excited to introduce my new range of stacking candleholders!

This collection of candleholders consists of three different styles – wee, midi & tall – which are designed to fit into each other enabling you to play, stack, and assemble, creating your own composition.

There are six colours to choose from – Oatmeal, Warm Grey, Blush, Terracotta, Pistachio & Pine Green. These chalky, muted tones are designed to sit together beautifully inviting you to mix and match colours.

Last year during isolation I decided to spend time learning new skills from home, one of which was 3D modelling and printing. I connected with a local 3D printing specialist who taught me the basics of 3D modelling over zoom lessons. These candleholders are the first forms born from this new understanding of designing digitally. I wanted to use my new skills to design something which had an element of interaction and invites you to play and curate. 

Designed from start to finish in Scotland. Each piece is carefully hand-cast in small batches. Colours are mixed by eye resulting in varying colours and textures - this is something we aim to celebrate as part of the design.